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Hey! Hi. What's up? Quick question:

Do you know of any athletic (possibly flexible~) female Gym Leaders? Or just female human characters in general? It doesn't matter if they've only appeared in the anime or only in the game-- I don't mind if they're not canon.

You see, I've decided on a few poses for upcoming entries into my Diglett's Demise  series that you guys seem to be so fond of; and one of the poses requires the girl to be really flexible. I figure this kind of flexibility would be limited to athletes/fighters so that's how I've narrowed my scope.

My knowledge of #Pokemon is shoddy at best and I've only ever played one game (Platinum). So the only two characters I could come up with were the fighter Maylene and the ninja Janine. However, if there are others, I would like to add them to my list of options. Ideally, it would be great if the girl I chose for this flexible #footjob were a gymnast, or even a ballerina. So that I could reserve Maylene and Janine for scenarios more appropriate to their specific roles, since this flexy pose isn't really something you'd see a ninja or martial artist doing.

Anyway, lemme know what'cha got, and thanks in advance.
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UPDATE #1: Very Long started out very strong, but it looks like Short made the cut in the end. It was close, with Very Long just 3 votes behind Short, but we have our winner. And it's time to move onto the next poll: Body Type!

UPDATE #2: Hourglass figure wins in the Body Type category. Moving on to Skin Type.

UPDATE #3: Another photo-finish! This time for the Skin Type category-- between Olive and Very Fair, pale skin was favored by just one more voter. But, alas, it's time for the next category: Height. Cast your vote.

UPDATE #4: Tall won by a long shot. No contest. Now it's about time we decided on her Hair Type.

UPDATE #5: To get straight to the point, Straight Hair won. Yay? Hair Color A is now!

UPDATE #6: Dual-Colored hair was favored in the Hair Color: A poll. Now for Hairstyle.

UPDATE #7: With overwhelming majority, it came down to the Hairstyle being free-hanging. It's about time to decided the main color for her Dual-Colored Hair.

UPD8: The Red family comes out on top in the Dual-Color decision. This more than likely means the complementary Green family will be on the supporting side of things. How about we focus on her eye-related traits a bit now, eh?

UPDATE #9/10: Since the previous update, we've seen a poll to determine whether or not anything would be covering the eyes of our girl; And an ancillary poll to determine more acutely what that eye covering would be. With sharp clarity of opinion, Glasses won, leaving Shades in the dark. Which brings us to our next decision; Eye Color.

UPDATE #11: With all the pertinent appearance-related traits out of the way, we now move onto what she 'looks' like on the inside. Firstly, we'll decided just how mentally astute our girl is. This will dictate further attributes down the line.

UPDATE #12a: The results are in; and our girl is of above average intelligence, but by no means a genius (Better luck next time, toots). But is she introverted or extroverted? You decide, in this first wave of Personality-determining polls.

UPDATE #12b: Okay, so she's an Introvert first and foremost. Now, how does she process information-- via Sensing or Intuition?

UPDATE #12c: Intuition takes the cake over Sensing. But what about the next round-- will Thinking win out over Feeling? You decide!

UPDATE #12d: Despite how close this poll was, Feeling was felt by a few more of the voters than Thinking was. That brings our girl to a possible INFJ or INFP. Which will it be? That depends on the current and likely final Personality-related poll, which can be found... HERE! Cast your votes!

Main Journal Entry

Hey, guys. We're gonna take hold of our creative nature and have some fun-- we'll play the part of Professor Utonium from Power Puff Girls, and make a girl of our own.

To do so, I'll be using various polls that will last 3-5 days. Starting with her hair length, we will go from head to toe. Including skin color; body type; height; general personality; general attire, etc. After that, names will be selected based on her traits and appearance, and will also be voted on. Most votes wins.

Once it's all said and done, I will draw the result-- in poses that accentuate her, ahem, "assets". So choose wisely. This (hopefully) lovely lady can end up being a marvelous splendor, or a complete visual disaster. Either way, the balls (lolz) will be in your court-- and you'll have no one to blame for it but yourselves. So you better hit those 3-pointers-- don't miss!



Note: Bookmark this journal; I'll be using this entry to keep everyone updated on the progress. I hope to have this completed before my premium membership expires (only premium members can use the poll feature). That's 5 months from now, so let's get this shit crackin'.

The current poll is:
- Personality Type D
- Personality Type C
- Personality Type B
- Personality Type A
- Intelligence Level
- Eye Color
- Eyes B
- Eyes A
- Hair Color B
- Hairstyle
- Hair Color A
- Hair Type
- Height
- Skin Type
- Body Type
- Hair Length

The future polls will be (suggestions appreciated):
- Alliance (Good vs Evil)
- Occupation
- Sexual Preference
- What does her pussy smell like? (joking... maybe.)

**Categories are subject to change
  • Listening to: Action Bronson
  • Reading: The 48 Laws of Power
  • Watching: Naruto Shippuden
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  • Eating: BBQ Pizza
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